Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hour 8

Current Book: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
Minutes Read Since Last Update: 46 minutes
Pages Read Since Last Update: 141

Total Time Read: 5 hours, 7 minutes
Total Pages Read: 716
Total Completed Books: 4

Tollbooth is amusing but not too much substance so far. Won't be a favorite.

1. What is the name of your local library? What city is it located in?
Hennepin County Library - Westonka in Mound, MN

2. How often do you go to the library? If you're a regular, do the staff know you?
About once a week. I don't believe the staff know me very well.

3. Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve?
The vast majority of the time I'm just picking up books I've placed on reserved online.

4. What is your favorite thing about your local library?
They have a very large selection both locally and through inter-library loan that I can reserve online.


  1. Goodness time is flying. I had no idea we were on/past the 8th hour already! O_O Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the book as much as you could. (But you rock for having read so many books!)

    Hennepin is such a cute name... (Random linguistic note: In Dutch it could mean "Hen's pin".)

    You're also so lucky to have that inter-library loan thing. They've only just started that in the Netherlands and none of the libraries have the books I want to read. (Er, well, in the language I want to read them in, I should add.)

    I'll cease rambling now... Happy reading!

  2. Sounds like my current use of my library. There are a lot of people (and I was definitely one of them, before I started working at the library) who I recognize as people who pick up holds, but who I don't know because they know the system so well, they don't need me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. OH WOW! 84, Cross Charing Road IS delightful and a terrific choice for the RAT! In fact, I think I've been telling everyone it's 'delightful' - did you read my review?! (hee hee- I havent' written it yet.) HAPPY THON-ing!