Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feed Me Challenge

At Large and At Small
by Anne Fadiman

Now, under the watchful eye of a husband so virtuous that he actually prefers low-fat frozen yogurt, I go through the motions of scooping a modest hemisphere of ice cream into a small bowl, but we both know that during the course of the evening I will simply shuttle to and from the freezer until the entirety of the pint has been transferred from carton to bowl to me. A major incentive for writing this essay was that during its composition this process was not called greed; it was called research.


  1. Love that picture. Love yoghurt (although we get the like icecream kind once in a blue moon in the UK) but no icecream rules ok. That guy sounds like the kind of person who call regular Coke, fat Coke now :(

  2. Holy cow that ice cream cone looks delicious!

    And if research gets you some ice cream--write on!